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The People's Dictionary      About the People's Dictionary

This is a new English-Swedish and Swedish-English dictionary, belonging to the people and expanded and improved by us all. Anyone can look up in the People's dictionary on the web, and this service will always be free.

If you would like to see all information about a word, just click Expand all. Instead of doing this every time you may use the Settings and mark that you would like the lookup results to be expanded automatically. Another setting gives a virtual keyboard with the Swedish letters å, ä, ö.

The People's dictionary is free. Both the whole English-Swedish dictionary and the Swedish-English dictionary can be downloaded for use under the Distributed Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license. The dictionaries also exist in the standardized format for dictionaries called XDXF: English-Swedish dictionary and Swedish-English dictionary.

The People's dictionary is initially based on Lexin Swedish-English and English-Swedish dictionary, previously published by the Swedish Language Council. The Swedish Language Council still publish Lexin but has chosen not to proceed making the Swedish-English Lexin available. As a substitute Viggo Kann and Joachim Hollman at Algoritmica HB have developed People's English-Swedish dictionary within three projects supported by .SE, The Internet Infrastructure Foundation.

You can make a contribution to the People's dictionary by answering translation proposals. When enough people have accepted a proposal, it will be added automatically to the People's dictionary. You may also suggest how to extend or change the lexicon information, including synonyms, definitions, inflected forms, compositions and examples. Just look up the word and click on the tool sign to the right of the translation. All submitted proposals will both be reviewed automatically and be judged by other users before they are entered into the People's dictionary.

Furthermore, the lexicon has been extended by two other free resources: the People's dictionary of synonyms and Saldo, Swedish association lexicon. In December 2021, the Saldo web service was unfortunately discontinued by Gothenburg University.

The web service of the People's Dictionary is developed in GWT. The graphical elements on the web pages are constructed by Joel Sjöstrand. The original translation proposals were mainly developed using automatic language technology methods by Sara Stymne and Lars Ahrenberg, NLPLAB, Department of Computer Science, Linköping University.

The People's dictionary has its home at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. KTH is operating the service. The contents of the lexicon is owned by the People, not by KTH. The People's English-Swedish dictionary has no editorial board, and is designed to be self-sustaining. If you nevertheless want to provide feedback on the service you can do that to folkets-lexikon(à)kth.se (note: replace (à) with @), but we do not have the possibility to answer questions. Technically, the People's dictionary is operated by the IT department at KTH.

We also have a small list of links to other web dictionaries.